Wine Tasting Class with the Winemaker

This class is for you if you like to enrich your winetasting experience by getting acquainted with the basic methods of analyzing a wine sample by its Sight, Nose and Palate.

Our Winemaker will guide you through the process while we sample four different and distinct wines in our portfolio.

Students will be handed winetasting sheets with your notes to bring home with.

The wine tasting will be complemented with a side-dish of mixed cheeses, crackers and water to cleanse your palate.

This class will not be overly technical, but rather offers a practical approach giving each student a basic structure to go by.

In addition, participants have the opportunity to recognize effects of different winemaking techniques as a means to pronounce certain desired wine-flavors for a given wine style.

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  • February 26, 2023 3:00 pm   -   4:30 pm
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