Jan 23rd & Jan 24th 2021 Vineyard Pruning Tours

Vineyard Pruning Tours

Join us for a tour in the vineyard, discussing pruning techniques, plus take your own grapevine cuttings of about 5 cuttings or more for your garden or home.

Upon arrival, we will serve a glass of wine, followed by an introductory pruning education, before we stroll in the vineyard to lay hands on the vines.


Price: $15.- which includes one glass of wine of your choice.

We are conducting two tours each, both starting at 2:00pm and 3:30pm respectively, split in group sizes of 6 people each, safely separated from each other. (Please bring your mask)

Please contact us via our homepage, or email us at goldenoakmc@gmail.com to reserve your  spot with your preferred time.




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