The Experience

Over the course of our venture we have learned with amazement the richness provided by Golden Oak Estate. Wild dewberries that foster along the fence-line provide ample fruit to process into delicious marmalade. Cattle grassing in our south-pasture not only keep the grass "mowed", but also provide rich natural nutrients for the grass, and our composter. Our Golden Oak Trees attract large crowds of bees in spring, transforming the tree into a lively humming display. Birds, including migrating  birds visit the land every day. Star gazing at clear nights make it nice attraction for a change away from any TV or computer screen


Setting Roots

Golden Oak Micro Cellar was founded in 2016, when Danhong and Alex Bader acquired a 13 acre parcel of land in New Waverly, Texas. The property had a long tradition. The farm house was established around 1964 as the center-piece of a dedicated horse ranch. Danhong and Alex revived the land and started its Estate Vineyard in 2015. As of today the Vineyard is home of about 600 nurtured vines, including Blanc Du Bois, Syrah, Merlot, and Camminare Noir.


A Passion for Detail

We enjoy every step of the wine-making process and dedicate a high level of detail, including the proper packaging and presentation of each individual wine bottle.

Release Sangiovese 2019 small

Placed Within a Natural Habitat

The Vineyard and Winery is nested within a rich & natural Ecosystem gifting us with the produce of mother earth, nesting birds, and grazing cattle and horses.