Blanc Du Bois, Texas

A traditional Gulf Coast Grape that has been dominating the South East Texas Region over the recent couple decades. This Wine exhibits a nice yellow lemon color. Nose is very pleasant with apple, pear and citrus aromas. In the mouth, the wine is nice with granny smith flavors and a nice tart finish.


Semi Sweet Blanc Du Bois, Texas

With dominant yellow lemon color. Nose is aromatic with wisteria and lemon aromas. In the mouth, the sweetness and acidity are very well balanced and make the wine very nice in the finish with a sweet/ tart sensation that lingers.



Cabernet Sauvignon, Texas

Exhibiting an authentic Texas Panhandle terroir, this barrel-aged wine has been fermented dry and presents ruby color, a flowery bouquet, and tastes of dewberry and black current, with a hint of vanilla, and a light tart finish.


Wine Maker's Red Table Wine, American 

This Wine was made "Old School" ,containing well ripened 90% Merlot & 10% Cabernet Franc grapes from California, and aged in American Oak. The result is a deep purple-colored wine with ripe and baked, predominantly black fruit such as plum blackberry and black currant, as well as a sprinkle of dark chocolate.


Cornelius, American 

Cornelius embodies one of the traditional grape pairing methods using lush and fruity California grapes. The dominant grape varietal is Merlot, with structure and tannins added by Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot, and aged in American Oak. The result is a bold,, diverse red.


Nectarine - Peach Wine, Texas, 375ml

This dessert wine came to existence by an inspiration of a dear friend and radiates tropical character and a smooth finish


Beatrice - Peach Wine, Texas, 375ml

This dessert wine is 100% Texas Peach. Offers a balance of sweet tropical flavor and a light grapefruit finish.

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