Blanc Du Bois 2020, Texas

A traditional Gulf Coast Grape that has been dominating the South East Texas Region over the recent couple decades. This Wine exhibits a nice yellow lemon color. Nose is very pleasant with apple, pear and citrus aromas. In the mouth, the wine is nice with granny smith flavors and a nice tart finish.

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Blanc Du Bois Reserve 2020, Texas

San Francisco International Wine Competition Bronze Medal

The intention with the Reserve was to introduce a wine style suited for typical Chardonnay or Viognier consumers. Ensuring that the Texas character of the Blanc Du Bois grape remains conserved, this wine embodies more flavor complexity and depth. It expresses baked red apple, smoked vanilla, dill, and a creamy buttery finish, and pairs well with salads, as well as poultry and fish.


Semi Sweet Blanc Du Bois, Texas

With dominant yellow lemon color. Nose is aromatic with wisteria and lemon aromas. In the mouth, the sweetness and acidity are very well balanced and make the wine very nice in the finish with a sweet/ tart sensation that lingers.


BDB Sweet Reserve

Blanc Du Bois Sweet Reserve, Texas  (SOLD OUT)

For our sweet wine lovers, we offer a limited edition of our sweet Blanc Du Bois. The bouquet offers elegant jasmine flower and ripe apple. In the mouth, the wine exhibits red apple and pineapple, a sustaining and not overpowering sweetness, making space to a gentle round finish.



Setarosa Rose' Wine 2020, Texas

Lonestar International Wine Competition Silver Medal

Our new limited edition to our Blanc Du Bois featured wines. An elegant spring and summer wine, containing 90% Blanc Du Bois, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon & 5% Merlot. On the palate this wine nicely balances stone-fruit and berry flavors. Impresses with white currant, cranberry and crisp apple with a round finish.



Cabernet Sauvignon 2019, Texas

Exhibiting an authentic Texas Panhandle terroir, this barrel-aged wine has been fermented dry and presents ruby color, a flowery bouquet, and tastes of dewberry and black current, with a hint of vanilla, and a light tart finish.

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Merlot 2020, High Plains Texas

Crafted from Texas High Plains Merlot Grapes, this wine shows red ruby color, and expresses aromatic flavors on the nose such as cranberry and cherry. On the palate the wine impresses with round structure and harmonic balance between aroma, acidity, and gentle tannins. Its flavors consist of baked plum, dried cherries, and a hint of dark chocolate complimented by featherlight cedar toast.

This wine pairs well with red meat dishes, including baby back ribs, as well as seared pork tenderloin.


Cornelius Red Blend 2020, American 

Cornelius embodies one of the traditional grape pairing methods using lush and fruity California grapes. The dominant grape varietal is Merlot, with structure and tannins added by Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot, and aged in American Oak. The result is a bold,, diverse red.


Sangiovese 2019, Texas 

While Sangiovese is well known as Chianti originating from Italy, this Sangiovese resembles a High Plains Texas fruit, vinted and aged on our premise, with a Texas character on its own. This red is medium body, with cherry & raspberry flavors, making space to mushrooms and humble silky tannins with baked vanilla. Pairs well with poultry and pasta.


Nectarine - Peach Wine, Texas, 375ml

This hand-made dessert wine contains 100% Texas peaches and came to existence by an inspiration of a dear friend. It radiates tropical character with a hint of grapefruit.


Beatrice - Peach Wine, Texas, 375ml  (SOLD OUT)

This dessert wine is 100% Texas Peach. Offers a balance of sweet tropical flavor and a light grapefruit finish.

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